Vision, mission and core values of KCBRP

20 Apr

Vision, Mission and Core values of KCBRP

Vision statement

A strong, transparent and accountable organization offering services to people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups and promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.

Mission statement

To ensure that people with disabilities and other most vulnerable groups are respectedin the community through advocacy for their rights, rehabilitated through physiotherapy and community health care, trained through provision of equal opportunities and friendly infrastructures at education facilities, and self-reliant through establishment of income generation activities.

KCBRP’s core values:

  • The organization is committed:To provide service to the target groups irrespective of gender, age, religious and political affiliation.
  • To be transparent and accountable to staff, members, communities and funding agencies, in financial and operational dealings.
  • To demonstrate good governance and the rule of law in all its undertakings
  • To build trust through cooperation and networking partners.
  • To use participatory methodologies by involving the stakeholders and the community in the operations of the organization, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation.

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